Best Online Video and Audio Editing Software for YouTube
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Easy Video Maker for YouTube

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Easily add your logo, choose colors, select fonts, and insert your own clips/images/music to make your video unique.

Our templates cover 6 different business types: Content Video, Influencer Video, Instant Ad Video, Sales Video, Course/Training Video, Property Video.

It include video clips from our library of 790,000+ professional clips. It automatically combines your text, clips, voice track and music. No video editing experience needed.

During the 14 day Free trial you can produce numerous videos you have created.
Trial period is intended for you to learn the system and integrate it with your business.
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* Downloaded videos will be watermakred.

Easily turn on or off, change their location: all corners / top / bot / left / right / center.

Our software uses artificial intelligence to ‘read' your text and automatically selects video clips from our library of 790,000+ clips.

* During the trial period you can add your own audio track to test the limits of the software.

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